Friday, June 12, 2009

which way do we go george?

Hello All!

It's been a minute since I've blogged, but life has once again settled into a comfortable pattern, so no news is good news right?

I started my internship 2 weeks ago, and I'm loving it. My supervisor has the same sense of humor I do, so that makes for a great working environment.

Lately I've been traveling a bit, last weekend I went to Plano to see my friend Jamie get married (Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Willis!) and this weekend I'm headed to college station to see Miss Kelly D and then to Houston for Peytong's shower. Huzzah for seeing friends! I'm used to driving significant distances, so I don't mind the driving, what I've learned from these trips, however, is that I'm very susceptible to becoming dependent on electronics.

When I was selling books for Southwestern I found my way to different locations via maps and I loved traveling that way, and tended to scoff at folks who bought gps devices. This past spring however I caved and bought my own. Now I can't imagine traveling to a place I've never been without it. I'm sure I could go back to the whole map thing if I had to, but the fact is I really enjoy not having to pick up a paper from the passenger seat every so often to make sure I'm on the right track. All that to say, I will definitely employ gertie the garmin on my journey this weekend.

Here's my dillema though, at what point is a person too dependent on electronics? I left my computer at home last weekend when I went to Plano, and the second I got home I went straight to the desktop to check e-mail and the ever important facebook. If I don't have my cell phone with me at all times I feel naked and insecure. Anyone else with me there?

Oh! In other news, my brother-Jeremy-is sending Joy and Daniel down to Texas for a visit in July! I don't have to wait till thanksgiving to see the little bridgeman and I'm super excited :) Here's my favorite most-recent picture of Daniel :)Can you say future ladies man? It's hard to believe that this cutie is almost 2 months old! Man time flies.

Welp, that's all I've got today, so here's to friends, electronic devices, wedding season, nephews and weekend adventures!

Blessings to you!