Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The times they are a changin'...

Hello Friends!!

I realized I hadn't posted since Kenny and I got engaged, and man things are happening fast around here!

We've pretty much got the wedding planned, all the big stuff (location, dress, food, flowers, cake) done, it's just the little things left to take care of. Does anyone ever realize how many little things are involved in a wedding? I sure didn't. To summarize: we're getting married, October 2nd...88 days away (and yes, I'm counting) :)

The other big news is (drumroll please......)

We bought a house!

We had been going back and forth between renting an apartment, renting a house, or buying a house. Every day was a different decision. We decided to just start looking for a house, and figured if God wanted us to be semi-permanently in the West-Houston/Katy/Cypress area we would find something in our price range that suited us. The house we bought ended up in our price range just the day we looked at it! If we had looked at it any earlier it would have been too expensive. (Yay God!) It is a newly built, never lived in home and is just the right size for us to start our lives together. Plus it has a yard for Ellie, so that means mornings will be much easier!

I took these (silly) videos with my phone when we first looked at the house, so they're awful quality but we were so excited! I'll just show ya'll the downstairs since the upstairs one is the worst...enjoy!

I was waiting to share the news until we knew for sure we had the house, and since I spoke with our lender this morning and he remembered us as "the easy loan" I'm counting on everything working out and closing next Friday!

Who will live in the house you ask? Well here's the skinny:

Kenny's lease is up in 10 days whether we had a house or not, so he had arrange to be hosted by a church-family so that he wouldn't have to pay rent for 2 months. So, Kenny gets to move in first (temporarily and into the guest room) for the last few weeks of July and then I'll take my time moving stuff over and cleaning my apartment and live there full time starting in August. Meanwhile, Kenny will be ousted and living with the wonderfully generous family from church until our wedding.

So here's to houses, weddings, and countdowns!

Blessings to you all!