Monday, February 1, 2010

...race number 2...

Hello All,

For the record, I'm totally not diggin' the cold snap that's happened lately. This past weekend was uber cold. Funk and I decided to take on a 5k trail run on Saturday, and it was nothing if not eventful. I'll try to tell the story through pictures (though I don't have any from after the race).

First off, it was really really cold on Saturday morning, like 40 degrees maybe. Poor Kenny was bundled up and had to wait in the cold while I ran, but I'm thankful he was there supporting me!Pre race...even with ski gloves he was still cold!

I had to twist tie the chip timer to my shoe. Note the bean box and super duper bag in the hatch of my car. I was in my "office". No really. I was.

Kathleen and I just before beginning the race...if you look behind us to the right, then you'll get a small picture of what the run was like. yes, it was muddy :)

**Here is where I run out of good the rest of the story is a narrative***

Funk and I stayed together for most of the run, but the trail was muddy and narrow so about halfway through we separated a bit. I kept running and the trail got really muddy. My goal going into the run was to run the whole way, no walking, but the never ending puddle of a trail got in my way. Eventually I gave up avoiding the puddles and just started running through shoes are no longer white, they're beige due to the mud :) Each time I slow down to cross a puddle I look back to see if I see Funky...I crossed the finish line in about 45 minutes (and considering I had to deal with the mud I'm proud of my time). Kenny's there waiting with the camera at the finish line and as soon as they cut off my chip timer he tells me Kathleen rolled her ankle :(

Funky had rolled her ankle over the Christmas holiday and was able to run on it for the EP5k but when I saw it after the race it was HUGE!! Luckily for Funky she's a student in Eastern medicine, so I'm sure she'll have lots of resources to help her ankle feel better. I told her she could practice on me, but I'm not sure what she'll do...


Kenny and I walked back to the cars with Ms. Funk and we parted ways....but not without a plan for a new run! I heard about the BlueBell 5k in Brenham in April...they have a 10k race too and the reward for finishing.....(drumroll if you please)


Ice cream after a run, totally worth it!

Here's to muddy trails, dedicated friends and boyfriends, ice cream and running!

Blessings to you!