Monday, October 12, 2009 I may have been a bad driver...

...but I couldn't resist taking this photo on my drive home today

Isn't it pretty? At this point I had been driving in heavy rain for about an hour trying to get home and suddenly there was a spot of clearing sky. I love seeing skies like that, they always make me think of God looking down at the earth...assessing the damage and whatnot.

This weekend I had a ton of fun being a footloose young adult! Friday I got to meet some new people for the Phi Lamb NANO (national alumni night out). I met Amy and Terra who invited me out to a concert Friday and two-stepping on Saturday. Yes, it's true, I absolutely love two-stepping. I think that means I'm almost completely Texan.

Saturday Ellie and I ventured to our local(ish) dog park and she had tons of fun being chased by the various big dogs. Julia was in town (as is her routine every 2-3 weeks) so I met up with her, Maria and Maria's friend Jose for some scrumptious Chinese food and a comedy show.

I love laughing...but we went to the Improv and saw Bobby Lee from Mad TV perform a standup routine...can I just say I have never been more uncomfortable in my life! The guy was funny, but disturbing at the same time.

I realized this weekend that I like my life, for all it's ups and downs, for all the dark cloudy skies. I'm starting to see a clearing and I can just feel that it's gonna be amazing!

I just need to mention here...I'm a HUGE Brandon Heath fan...and he's playing in the woodlands on friday. Yes, I bought a ticket, and yes I got uber giddy when he was on the radio this morning talking to the morning DJs. I figure I never went gaga for the boy bands in junior high so I'm overdue for a celebrity crush...right?

So here's to rainy drives, un-safe pictures, disturbing comedians, and great friends (old and new).

Blessings to you today!