Friday, July 6, 2012

where have we been hiding??

Good Morning Folks!
 I do in fact has just been a little crazy the last year-ish so I'll give you guys the reader's digest version to catch up.

Summer 2011: Kenny is being pursued by a church in Orland Park IL to become their next youth pastor, he accepts the position in late August.

September 2011: We move to Chicagoland just before our anniversary and prepare to hunker down in a super cold climate.

Fall/Winter 2011: Chicagoans don' know what to do with a mild winter and Kenny and I praise God for only 2 weekends of snow. :)

Spring 2012: God laid it on Kenny's and my hearts that Illinois would only be a temporary placement for us.

 March 2012: We begin the process of returning to Texas. Our house did not sell the entire 6 months it was on the market. My job in Texas was not filled the entire time we were gone, so I reapplied. I had to do like 4 serious phone interviews before I was offered the position, but God's will was for us to return to Houston so I got the job and we planned to move back.

April 2012: We are packing! We hadn't planned on IL being temporary, we got license plates, drivers licenses, car titles, toll tags, trashed/recycled all the moving's to repeating the same move, but more expensive because everything is more expensive up North. I am sad to leave my job in Crestwood, I loved my team and my boss, not so keen on the skilled nursing setting, but now I can say I did it. We arrived back in Houston near the end of April, and promptly put everything back right where it had been 7 months before.

May 2012-present: I start back at my job and Kenny is on a little "sabbatical" waiting on God's direction for his next ministry opportunity (prayers for this much appreciated). We missed so much about Texas while we were gone and the number one thing was definitely our friends and family. It was very difficult to find the same kind of community where we were and it definitely made us appreciate the relationships and fellowship that we have here so much more.

Being back has been fun, we get to see all our favorite people and experience life with them. We have begun attending an awesome church and are eager to invest somewhere until God tells us where He is going to use Kenny next.

So where does that leave us right now you ask? Well we're kind of in a holding pattern, I am loving my work at RehabCare and enjoy the challenges management brings. Kenny is deep in the word daily and learning from teachings of other great pastors to keep his walk on track. We haven't had much success with opportunities for Kenny, and that has been difficult. We are definitely so blessed to have a house to move back to and a job for me to move back to but Kenny and I both feel that God is preparing him for something worth the wait. Friends, as you read this; say a little prayer for my Hubby, pray that God would continue to prepare him for an amazing opportunity and that He would pave the way to make it happen. (Feel free to add a sooner rather than later in there). We are so glad to be back in Texas and I will take the opportunity to re-start the blogging adventure...but just to be safe, don't hold your breath :) Blessings to you!

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