Saturday, August 29, 2009

This one feels just right...

so, now that i've begun the "rest of my life"...more commonly known as adulthood I was faced with a need to furnish my apartment. So last weekend my mom and I went to the local furniture store and boy did I furnish!

I got this amazing navy blue italian leather sofa for a great deal because it's a floor sample! It feels like buttah...

Then I got an amazing coffee table to go with the sofa, it even has two nesting tables underneath that can serve as foot rests, end tables, or whatever I need them to be.

And this one is my counter height dining set. The table in this picture is only 3' wide, but there is a leaf hidden underneath it that expands it to 4' wide for big meals with lots of people! Note the bookshelf in the background, my brother bought me a cordless drill as a "housewarming/graduation" present and I put that baby together in an hour.

Here's to growing up, spending money, buttery leather couches, and room to host friends for amazing meals!

Much love and Blessings to you today!

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