Friday, May 29, 2009

Life's a gas...

Good Friday morning all!

I've gotten into something of a routine the past two weeks. My mom has been out of town so I'm on double-dog duty. The puppies wake me up around 5:30, we go on a morning walk, they eat breakfast, and the three of us fall back into bed around 6 to sleep for a few more hours. This morning however my mom's dog, Jack, tooted just after we all got settled. Normally I don't smell puppy gas, however Jack was sleeping right by my head. Consequently, I'm up and alert at 6:30. Mom comes back tonight from her business trip, so I won't have to take the morning shift anymore.

I worry about how Ellie will cope when she moves to Houston with me in August. Ellie and Jack have definitely become good pals. I left Ellie with my mom here in Corpus after spring break, since I knew April would be a crazy month so she and Jack have bonded. I hope she enjoys being a single dog again.

So my brother bought rock-band and brought it home earlier this week. Those who know me, know that I'm not a gamer, by any means, but I LOVE this game! When I play with groups of people I sometimes am mocked for the enthusiasm I show when playing the drums, but man is it fun! Matt and I have a band named the "Casual Philosophers"--thank you rock band software. I have Alicia to thank for my rocker name though, ladies and gentlemen: by day I am Stephanie-overly positive word-nerd, but as soon as that game starts I become: Stephanopolis--rock drummer extrodinare!

If I don't count the weekend, today is my last day of "summer vacation" since I start my internship on Monday. I'm excited and nervous about it, just like I was when I was getting ready to start grad school last June. It's so strange to think that I was a newbie in grad school just a year ago and now I'm 9 weeks away from being finished. Gosh time flies.

Oh, random thought here. I took the pups with me when I ran errands yesterday and when we went to the drive through at the bank the teller sent two milkbones back with my reciept! How cool is that?! I had heard tales of such things happening, but I hadn't experienced it. Kudos to the bank teller for treating the puppies!

I treated my brother to dinner last night. We went to the one chain restaurant in Calallen that isn't a fast food joint: Chilis. It was good, some of our old high school friends are on the waitstaff there so we got to chat with them and then we ran into my favorite high school teacher: Ms. Crum.

Crum was my pre-cal and calc teacher both Junior and Senior year in hs. She gave me many of my favorite one-liners. If someone dropped their calculator she would say: "It works better that way." Now I use that when someone drops their phone. My all time favorite one though, happened during one of our classes, someone was frustrated and said "Jesus Christ" and without missing a beat Crum looks at the kid and says "Where?" Witty humor gets me every time.

Here's to dogs, dinners, routines, memories, and favorite high school teachers!

Blessings to you on this fantastic Friday morning!

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