Sunday, May 10, 2009

To my Mama Llama :)

So, today is "mother's day", and as I sat in Panera, studying for yet another exam (albeit my last one ever) I found myself thinking about the wonder that is motherhood.

I was surrounded by many mothers with their families, but what struck me, was how many mother/daughter dining pairs there were.

I will be the first to admit that I don't always get along with my mom...and if we're being honest (and 'cause you're an authentic person let's be honest) who does? Mom and I are more alike than sometimes I care to think about, but when I look at her sometimes I don't see the person behind "mom".

How often to we forget that our moms are people too? Is that why we give them poorly made, but well intentioned cards, gifts, and maybe breakfast in bed-for the more daring kiddos? Why do we only do that on one day a year? Okay, maybe 2 if you count their birthday.

That little birdwalk aside, how do mom's do it? How did/does my mom do it? How do you put up with nonsense from your own family that you love so much on a daily basis? Maybe there's something that gets introduced into the female system when they get pregnant, or have a baby that triggers the "mom" persona to come out. I guess I'll have to wait until I too join the ranks of mothers to find out.

I joke sometimes that it feels like mom is getting a second childhood now that Jeremy, Matt, and I are growing up and leaving the "nest". She's had to put her life on a back burner for the last 27ish years and now she's exploring new technology, new style, it's a whole new world (pardon the awful, and unintentional Aladdin allusion). Even while she's figuring out all the new-fangled-ness of life my mom is still pretty dang cool. Now, 10 years ago you couldn't have paid me enough to say that, but after reflecting and growing up a lot I can safely say that my mom is top o the line.

My mom teaches junior high sunday school. Yeah, I can't really stand junior high kids...and then I think back to when I was one...eek (sorry mom). What's so funny, is I would never have thought that she would be so perfect for that task, but lucky for her, God knew, and so did the youth minister. Mom and I were shopping in the mall over christmas and suddenly she was hailed by two teenage girls (apparently from her class) and they were genuinely excited to see her. The reaction was mutual. These kids always say hi to her and make her feel loved, so even though she's getting to live an adult life again, she will always be part "mom". At least for an hour or so on Sundays.

My mom, my mama llama (as is my favorite pet name for her), you are so amazing and I know I speak for Jeremy, Matt, and especially me when I say we are blessed to have you in our lives, and ridiculously lucky to have you as our mother.

So here's to all the moms, grandmas, aunts, daughters, great grandmas, mimis, me-maws, ma-maws, nanas, nonas, mommys, mamas, and mama llamas out there! Thanks for everything that you do for us...and as a sharp tongued child I can guarantee that one day even the children with the most attitude will turn it into gratitude and be awed by your grace.

Blessings to you and your Mom today!

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  1. Stephanie! How I have I not been to your blog before! It is sooooo cute! I am glad you found SITS. Laura Reed told me about it, even though she isn't a part of it... haha! Anyways, I can't wait to keep coming back to your blog!