Friday, July 10, 2009

T minus 30 days and counting...

...until I finish all the paperwork and will have to be referred to as "master bridgeman"...maybe

It's so hard to believe that my educational career is all but over. I saw one of those silly Geico commercials tonight, where the money is just staring at people and the person it was staring at was studying in a library....I realized that I'll never be one of those people ever again. Holy cow! I'm an adult...what is the world coming to?

I don't feel like I'm old enough to be a growed you?

How does one really decide that they're grown up?

In other news, I made sweet potato fries tonight and they were de-licious! the dogs even got to have a piece of one, and they liked it too!

Anyone have ideas for more fun recipes to try? I've got lots of time to try them!

Blessings to you this weekend!!

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