Monday, July 6, 2009

A vagrant? Not me!

I recently found this blog and have enjoyed reading it. Some of my favorite posts are MckMama's "Not me Mondays". So, since this week she invited us to follow suit, here are some things I most definitely do not do.

I most definitely did not ignore Ellie and her requests for a walk this morning. and I especially do not enjoy that my loving mother takes care of walking Ellie in the mornings for me. :)

I do not enjoy watching trashy reality tv, and I never feel the teensiest bit proud that I can answer questions about it.

I never spend ridiculous amounts of time facebook stalking friends, and I hate looking at random wedding pictures that people post. I could never be that girl.

I am not someone who spends all afternoon on the couch watching 90210 reruns on tv instead of running to get ready for the half marathon that I never claim I'm going to run every year.

I most certainly do not spend all my time catching up on blogs instead of writing my own.

And lastly, I never just have a cherry turnover for dinner, that would be silly :)

Blessing to you all this week!

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