Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love Tuesdays!

Tuesday is often the highlight of my week. Why Tuesday you ask? Well I'll tell you...

About 3 years ago...actually almost 4 now (man time flies) I began to eat weekly at a local restaurant called "The Clay Pot." It's vietnamese cuisine, and I am addicted. These weekly meetings with one of my most favorite people quickly became ritual to us. Not only is it 2-for-1 spring rolls on Tuesday, but it was a time for us to sit and relax, talk about life and fellowship as Christians. Stewie is one of my closest friends, she's been there to comfort me in times when few others could but I think the wonderful thing about our friendship has been that it blossomed with weekly, not daily, interaction.

How often do we feel like relationships need daily attention? I think that when our interaction with others is truly rooted in Christ, we need only commune with Him to invest in those we care about.

Sadly, Stew and I graduated, and she went on to colder pastures (Kansas) and I was left alone with the claypot. Fortunately I have been blessed with a new Claypot Tuesday buddy, who is quickly becoming another one of my favorite people.

I love my big/little claypot tuesdays, Meg challenges me and helps me to think about things that I often take for granted. Plus, the staff of the Claypot finally know not to give me a menu when I walk in. Last week, Meg and I were greeted by the waiter with two mugs of tea and two trays of spring rolls and the question "where are y'all sitting?" Life is so good. God is so good.

My favorite way to experience God is to fellowship with those around me and to invest in others. I am sad that my claypot Tuesdays are numbered...when I leave Waco I don't know what I'll find to replace it, or who I'll find to replace these two amazing women...but God knows. And I have to rest in that. So here's to Tuesdays! Hooray for spring rolls, amazing iced tea, and growing friendships!

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